November 29, 2016

Gender Smart Succession Planning

Succession planning can be tough, especially if you try to improve gender balance. Perhaps your organisation has a simple system of succession planning by just putting […]
September 13, 2014
how to engage men in gender diversity

Good managers already know it: Gender Intelligence works

We all know that men and women are different. We also do see them behave differently at work. But have you ever considered using this difference in how you lead your team? Have you ever stopped to think about what this difference is, and if you perhaps needed to flex your style depending on gender?
June 11, 2014
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Gender Intelligent Leadership: Get men to talk, and women to take action

If you, like me, have ever sat through a meeting with mainly women you will almost certainly have wondered when they were going to stop talking and get down to action. Whereas men seem to do first, women seem to take time to get into action. Have you ever noticed that?