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Be Gender Smart by Inge Woudstra

Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women sets you up to:

  • Build a career and dare to be yourself.
  • Be more confident about your own value and talk about it.
  • Get recognised for what you do.

Men and women are different, and organisations need the unique value that women bring.

Based on the latest brain research into Gender Differences, Inge’s book – ‘Be Gender Smart’ – shows you how your way of working brings results.

Recommendations for ‘Be Gender Smart’

‘Be Gender Smart’ so resonates with me. Inge Woudstra identifies the key issue: men and women ARE different and if we embrace not just accept those differences we can build better, more successful businesses and teams. Feminine attributes of consensus-building, collaboration, transparency, empathy – not stereotyping but confirmed by neuroscience – are increasingly valuable in today’s networked world. This book illuminates a new path to more inclusive organisations – long elusive but a real prospect for us to achieve today –

Helena Morrissey – CEO Newton Investment Management, Founder 30% Club

Men and women bring a great deal of value to the table.. The sweet spot is in appreciating the need for both. I see this book as thought leadership on how we … can contribute to a world of gender balanced business.

Vanessa Vallely, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity & Author of Heels of Steel

How should women get on in the workplace?  Do they need to lean in or is it employers or society that needs to change?  The reality, of course, isn’t that simple. Inge Woudstra has done a fantastic job of unravelling some of the complexities.  She explains the science behind gender diversity in an engaging and readable way that you will find difficult to put down.  Women, fathers, managers – the book is brilliant and will help everyone who reads it.

Ben Black, Managing Director, MyFamilyCare

“Be Gender Smart” shines a much needed laser beam on the myriad benefits women bring to organisations while highlighting invaluable insights into what the most successful women have learned climbing the ladder. Her pragmatic, highly readable and fact based book is a great addition to the arsenal of tools leading companies and ambitious women need in their toolkit.  This book will be helpful to those companies and leaders of both sexes who recognise that more diverse teams and companies are more productive and innovative and will be where people want to work in the future economy.

Kate Grussing, Founder and MD of Sapphire Partners, a leading UK search firm

“We all like to think that the old gender wars are over, but unfortunately despite the huge strides of feminism we’re not living in an equality utopia yet. Inge Woudstra’s book is a useful guide to any woman setting out on a career in or out of the corporate jungle and is crammed with sensible, humane advice. I would recommend it – and indeed her – to anyone.”

Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director The Sunday Times

“The title says it all .. This book says what it does on the cover..  It Unlocks potential …However don’t be fooled into believing this is a book just for women.. It’s about talent …If you are a current or aspiring leader this book is for you regardless of gender…”

Tracey Carr, Founder eve-olution and My Best Year Ever

“Reading this book forced me to challenge some of my own assumptions about gender. I enjoyed reading about how to embrace and celebrate difference and play to our strengths. I’ll certainly be thinking differently about how to speak up in the right way about the right things as a result.”

Ruth Shaw – Chief Executive  of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority

“It is important for women to believe enough in themselves so that they feel able to play from their strengths. However, after 15 years of developing women leaders and hoping for change I can clearly see what a big job we all face. This is because I have now had the experience of watching my 3 daughters being socialised into the world of work and hearing about the struggles and pitfalls still facing young working women in a male dominated world. I recommend this book to all women who want to succeed on their own terms, become aware of  the challenges they may face and how to rise above them.”

Heather Jackson founder and chair of An Inspirational Journey & The Balanced Business Forum ( formerly known as The Women’s Business Forum)

“Be Gender Smart is a well researched practical book for women who who want to be savvy in the workplace and men who want to make the most of their potential.

It’s full of practical examples and key takeaways that you can put into practice straight away.

With a clear message of celebrating what you have, rather than what you dont, it’s a must read for women in the workplace.”

Jenny Garrett, Award winning coach, best selling author of Rocking Your Role and entrepreneur.

“Be Gender Smart not only offers a fascinating insight into the differences between men and women and how these differences function within a corporate environment but also provides useful tips and points of reflection on how to use such differences to our benefit. Inge’s book draws you in from the start and helps explain many issues that both men and women face on a day to day basis. Be Gender Smart is a true light bulb moment and I have no hesitate recommending this book.”

Sarah-Jane Butler, founder of Parental Choice Limited

“I am loving your book, I think it is an excellent, informative, challenging and encouraging read!  You should be proud of it.”

Liz Lugt, Speaker, Trainer and Business Mentor

“Very Relevant!!! And fun to read as well.”

Elze Woudstra, Senior Civil Servant, Home Office The Netherlands