I would love to share with you my favourite D&I benchmarks, D&I frameworks and D&I best practices. They are great to help you design and implement an impactful D&I strategy.  

Many of my clients enthusiastically start a wide range of initiatives, only to find that their D&I data stubbornly stays at the same level. Then they learn that for results you need to use a business approach, and design a good D&I strategy that is linked to your business strategy and based on real data. That’s the moment when these D&I benchmarks, D&I frameworks and D&I best practices are most useful.  

Do let me know though if you are getting lost completely in all those frameworks and best practices. I am always happy to help you and have a chat to help you find what works for you.  

Because we know it’s not easy, we also offer a programme which has been specially designed to guide you through this at The Big Fish Academy. It’s a 3-week virtual training programmeD&I Strategy: From Ideas to Action.

Because it’s virtual, you don’t have to travel. It’s run over three weeks, which makes it ideal to implement some of the learnings in between sessions and get back to us with your questions in our weekly virtual drop-in clinics. And if you miss a session? Not to worry, just catch up in your own time. Who knew virtual could be better than face-to-face?

My favourite D&I Benchmarks, D&I Frameworks and D&I Best Practices  

1. Gender Balance Frameworks and Best Practices 

 2. D&I Frameworks and Best Practices 

 3. D&I Benchmarks, Standards and Accreditation 

Have I forgotten your favourite one? Do share it!  

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Author: Inge Woudstra

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