Workshop – Business Case and Action Plan for Diversity

Your top team is interested in gender diversity & inclusion, or they are keen to do something with female talent management. However, there is no strategic approach yet, and they sometimes talk the talk but not always walk the walk.

That’s when it’s important to create a clear understanding about the drivers for gender diversity in your organisation and make a business case for your organisation. It’s important the top team know what their real values are behind driving this forward, and that they agree on a vision for the future.

W2O can help you to create this and create an organisation that works for men as well as for women. We call that a Gender Smart organisation.

What you get

Inclusive Organisations
Your top team spends a day together in this ‘Business Case for Diversity – Drivers, Vision and Values Workshop’. On this day they are taken beyond the business case. Jointly they make a clear Diversity & Inclusion strategy, and learn what it takes to create a Gender Smart organisation.

Input is given on the current situation (e.g. numbers on gender) in your organisation, what is happening in the industry, and how others create a strong business case for Gender Smart working.

What we do

Inclusive LeadershipIn a workshop with the top team we will jointly:

  • Link Diversity & Inclusion to business strategy, stakeholder and performance
  • Get benchmark examples
  • Create urgency and a strong coalition for working towards a Gender Smart organisation
  • Develop 1 clear message
  • Get a clear picture of what Gender Smart looks like in your organisation
  • Road map to a Gender Smart organisation
  • Know how to measure Gender Smart