Gender Inclusive Succession and Promotion

Career Success for Women, Women Leadership Programmes, Speaker for Women, Gender Diversity, Gender DiffferenceDoes your organisation have a problem with gender balance at senior levels of management and leadership?

Even organisations that succeed in recruiting a gender-balanced intake of employees, find the next step isn’t easy. When looking at the more senior positions in business, gender balance typically declines. We can help you redesign your succession and promotion system so that it works well for both men and women.

Practical workshop to tackle problem areas

At W2O we run the Gender Inclusive Succession and Promotion workshop. This is a practical workshop where we look beyond unconscious bias, and address areas such as the

  • competency framework,
  • balanced shortlists,
  • learning and development,
  • work allocation
  • and performance appraisals.

Your team will be equipped with practical steps to review and make changes that will have a real impact in the organisation’s progression rates of women.

Now is the time to take action.

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