What Clients Say

Clients about Inge’s Training on – Gender Diversity – Gender Difference – Women’s Leadership Programmes

“Inge ran a one-day Gender Smart workshop for us which was very successful. She did a good job not only of explaining the typical differences about how men and women think, but also to explain how the behaviours are seen in a business environment. I was particularly impressed with Inge’s willingness to listen to my brief and respond will a well-tailored, targeted course which hit the right points for our organisation. 

As a result of the day, our team felt energised with new techniques on subjects such as giving feedback and running good meetings. Not only are we now in a better position to make the best of all our people, but we have also learned valuable improvements to the way we work together irrespective of whether the team consists of men or women.”

Keith Turner, Director, Springboard Pro

“Inge Woudstra defined and hosted a workshop session at our Connecting Women in Technology event – You PLC. Inge’s workshop session entitled Be Gender Smart, focussed on diversity in the workplace, how to recognise it and how to manage it to your best advantage.

Inge put in considerable effort to the event and delivered a thoroughly professional, thought provocative and stimulating session. The workshop was repeated twice during the afternoon and both slots overran due to numerous questions and interesting debate generated by the participants. I would thoroughly recommend Inge as a speaker or facilitator at any workshop related to gender and diversity.”

Nina Wilson, Director Client Service, Avaya

“It has made me seriously think about how I deal with male and female staff, and given me a better insight as to why some things have not worked as well as they could have in the past. Now I feel I have new tools to tackle those situations with”

Carl Rowbottom, Radiotherapy Physics, Group Leader, NHS

“Great session at the recent Connecting Women in Technology event (which I lead for IBM, along with 7 other tech companies). The information and activities provided in Inga’s session were insightful and helpful in guiding you to understand “You” better, for your career development.”

Liz Henderson, Data Director, IBM

“Excellent session. A great mix of stories, facts and discussion. You have given me a new way of talking about difference. I’m so glad to have been here.”

Paul Taylor, Assistent Director Organisational Development, NHS

“Inge manages to open up a balanced discussion on a topic where people could get quite defensive. Other people’s experiences made me re-think my own management approach. I would like to know more!”

Jo Ann Hughes, Equality & Diversity Manager, NHS

“Inge’s session provided us with an honest and open learning environment in which we could safely discuss the subject of gender differences and ask inquisitive questions.  Our teams focused on why gender difference is a valuable asset in team-working and how, through balancing an understanding of differing styles, we can work positively together with a better appreciation – and tolerance – of our differences. Working with Inge has strengthened our awareness of gender differences and the positive impacts that these can have on our work and team environment.”

Dawn Halfacre, Director of Operations, PETA Training

Clients about Inge’s – Keynote speeches for Women (and Men) – Inspiring talks for Women

“Inge is very approachable and responsive to work with and tailors what she provides to what is requested. Her area of expertise could not be more relevant for anyone needing to focus on better gender balance.”

Deborah Dalgleish, Diversity & Inclusion Professional, Ashurst

“During the 5th anniversary event of the gender diversity network of Total in Belgium, Inge gave a great presentation based on her refreshing and innovative approach “Being Gender Smart”. Inge is a very enthousiastic speaker and challenged our conventional ways of thinking. Inge succeeded to engage the participants and her workshop transformed our anniversary event into a very inspirational session.”

Evy Schools, Business Development Manager, Total Refining and Chemicals

“Inge has great style in chairing conference discussion panels, she is direct and seeks the truth in an uncompromising but compassionate way, essential in today’s fast changing world where only the truth will do!”

Russell Smith – Vice President Global Concept Development, BP

“During the first edition of the Diversity in Project Management Conference in Den Bosch, Inge delivered an inspiring keynote presentation about Gender Smart Project Management. Her eye-openers and energetic style made her a valuable element in our program.”

Gert van de Donk, Conference Producer and Owner of CKC Seminars

“Inge delivered a very insightful and powerful talk. The views and topics discussed were backed up with factual research which really resounded with our group. Those who attended walked away with a renewed perspective on how to utilize the differences between men and women in the workplace, as well as a deeper appreciation for the opinions and reactions of those they work with.”

Stacy Smolinski, Women’s Network, Shell Aberdeen

“Inge engaged a large audience of HR Professionals speaking at the Women in Leadership Central London CIPD Branch event. She evoked debate on women’s role in critical business decisions and HR issues at gender smart organisations a few days before the International Women’s day. Well presented referenced material and resources were welcomed by the mixed gender audience and Inge responded to a broad range of questions about men and women job crafting, incentives for top performance, collaboration and productivity. Audience feedback at the event and two weeks after was positive on Inge’s presentation content and delivery therefore I look forward to having Inge again at another CIPD seminar event in our programme.”

Marina Economidou Central London CIPD Branch , Women in Leadership Event Organiser

“Inge is a highly engaging expert speaker who connected perfectly with my audience. She was a great addition to my event and really set the tone for an inspirational session.”

Daniel Cooper, Project Manager QS Women in Leadership Tour

We were delighted to welcome Inge to be guest speaker. She inspired and motivated our audience of men and women looking to go back to work on a part-time or flexible basis to believe that they can in fact have it all! We look forward to hearing her speak again.

Louise Boardman, Director Ten2Two Recruitment Agency, North Hampshire.

“Fabulous energy! Great facts. Very passionate. So interesting and engaging. Amazing.”

 “I really enjoyed the workshop – Inge was an excellent, lively, informative speaker. Very thought provoking – I found myself sharing her tips with both a school friend and my husband later that evening!”

“Inge’s talk is clear, vivid and compelling”

“You really nailed this topic. I want to know more.”

“Inge is a very engaging speaker and I found the session full of what I call “ah ha” moments.  What I really enjoyed was how this was kept very positive – focussed on the benefits of recognising and understanding the differences.”

 “I loved Inge’s brilliant use of examples to bring her message to life!”

“There was a lot of merit in Inge’s point that men and women bring value in their own way. It helps to dispel the harmful notion that anything that is considered to be ‘feminine’ (kindness, compassion, empathy, etc) is deemed to be weaker or inferior, or bad for business.”

“Great message, clear, coherent and inspiring!”

Male and female managers and audience members in a variety of talks

Clients about Inge’s Organisational Change and Diversity Consulting work

“Inge helped us interpret our qualitative analysis of the gender pay gap, gave us ideas on how to communicate it, and helped us build a gender pay gap action plan. The focus groups she ran were spot on and highly valued by male and female staff. They gave us a wealth of insights, interestingly not just about diversity and inclusion, but also on staff engagement and business matters beyond diversity.

 Her recommendations are an excellent guide for our future actions on D&I. Inge was responsive to our needs and a great pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone with a down-to-earth, pragmatic approach to D&I.”

Tammy Sternberg – HR Director Hawkins\Brown

“It was a pleasure to partner with Inge Woudstra both at the planning stages and at the event itself. Inge was instrumental in designing the questions posed to the participants. The lunch was a resounding success and received universally positive feedback overall. The questions Inge created really struck a chord with many of the participants and her style of moderating was lively and engaging, providing practical tips and coping strategies and delivering these with a sense of humour and great passion.”

Alex Underwood, Parents Network, Societe Generale

“Inge was a fantastic source of knowledge and expertise for all aspects related to women’s networking, her sound and sensible advice were a huge help when scoping a network for female colleagues. Inge has her finger right on the pulse of developments and research and as a person her passion and dedication to the topic is infectious. I would highly recommend Inge as a go-to source for anyone looking for inspiration and guidance in this field.”

Clarissa Bladen, Head of Communications – CE Marketing at Tesco PLC

“Inge has a no-nonsense, pragmatic approach as a consultant. Her enthousiastic style draws people in. She is strong on content and logical thinking, and drives the process forward. Her contribution to the project brought more value than any other initiative we have invested in”

Fred van der Sluys, Programme Manager – Center Parcs

“Inge’s open style, and her questions seem to always hit the mark and made me think about my business in new ways. Thus she contributed much more value than I expected. It is hugely appreciated.”

Hasmukh Patel, Managing Director – Agrocel