Does Your Organisation Want to
Increase Gender Diversity?

We Show Organisations in Tech & Engineering
How to Get to Gender Balance

How we can help you

Do you need a clear action plan for Diversity & Inclusion?

We help you to understand what the issues are in your organisation by analysing your numbers and gathering qualitative information. We then help you to set objectives, choose priorities and develop a clear roadmap.


Do you want to recruit women in technology and engineering?

We help you to change your attraction and recruitment processes so it works for women too.


Do you want to create a culture of inclusion and belonging?

We help you create understanding and change mindsets and behaviour to create a culture where people can be the best they can be regardless of their gender.


Do you want to raise awareness for Gender Diversity?

We help you create commitment and buy-in for gender diversity and inclusion.


Do you want higher progression rates of women?

We help you find out why women aren’t progressing at the same rate as men, and show you what you need to change in your leadership, culture, promotion and reward processes to ensure women do advance.


Do you want to be a best in class Diversity & Inclusion leader?

We help you to drive D&I in your organisation by giving you new tools and frameworks, connections with other D&I leaders like you, and proven D&I practices so you can have a bigger impact, faster.


It’s time to become a Gender Smart organisation

We can help you find out what others do, benchmark and keep a firm eye on practical outcomes and tangible business results.

Why diversity?



Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15% more likely to have higher financial returns than national industry medians. – McKinsey



65% of chief information officers (CIOs) and other business leaders say that recruitment issues were harming IT modernization efforts.



70% of household purchasing decisions is made by women – Davies Report

Who we work with

Clients Include: TalkTalk,OECD, Total, Ashurst, EDF Luminus, Navigant, Women In Science and Engineering (WISE), IBM, CIPD and the Professional Women’s Network

What our clients say

Inge has great style in chairing conference discussion panels, she is direct and seeks the truth in an uncompromising but compassionate way, essential in today’s fast changing world where only the truth will do!

Russell Smith

Vice President Global Concept Development at BP

Inge has unparalleled experience in regard to unpicking issues regarding gender diversity in the workplace, but most importantly, lots of ideas for how to make progress even in a sector such as tech, which is the 4th least gender diverse industry.

Aakanksha Mishra

Business Lead – Customer Experience and Digital Marketing

Inge ran a one-day Gender Smart workshop for us which was very successful. […] As a result of the day, our team felt energised with new techniques on subjects such as giving feedback and running good meetings. Not only are we now in a better position to make the best of all our people, but we have also learned valuable improvements to the way we work together irrespective of whether the team consists of men or women.

Keith Turner

Director, Springboard Pro


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