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W2O Consulting & Training shows organisations in Tech & Engineering how to achieve Gender Balance

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Why Organisations Are Looking for Gender Balance

  • Best performance – Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were 15% more likely to have higher financial returns than national industry medians. – McKinsey. There are also positive relations between gender balance, innovation and productivity.
  • Best talent – 65% of chief information officers (CIOs) and other business leaders say that recruitment issues were harming IT modernization efforts. It’s not just about lack of talent, are you also recruiting the best talent? Is your best talent promoted? What is the cost if a significant part of your high potentials leave?
  • Best way to serve clients 70% of household purchasing decisions is made by women – Davies Report. If you understand your clients better, it’s easier to offer products and services for them. But it’s not just about clients, what about your wider stakeholders, senior decision makers, investors and rule makers are increasingly female.

A New Perspective on the Issue of Gender Balance

  • We believe women have a unique value, different from the value men bring. We believe organisations need men and women to be as successful as they can be. In other words organisations need gender balance.
  • Men and women are different. They are differently motivated and communicate differently. To make sure women are as successful as men organisations need to ensure culture, systems and style of management are effective for men and women. Historically organisations have been designed for males, therefore often changes are required to adapt to what works for women.

W2O Consulting & Training helps you, your management and staff understand how women are different and what is required to build an organisation that works for men and women. We help change mindset and culture, to enable true gender diversity and attainment and retention of female talent.

Why work with W2O Consulting & Training

  • We always work in partnership with you and have a focus on your results, so you can be confident of achieving your goals.
  • We bring an ability to clearly communicate complex matters, and find practical solutions for your issues.
  • Whatever your specific needs around gender diversity, we are flexible and capable in order to deliver to varied requirements. We draw on extensive experience in designing and delivering change management interventions and tailored executive programmes for a host of international organisations in a variety of industries, including Engineering, Technology, Power, and Energy. Our extensive network allows us to draw on further experts when necessary.