Gender Smart Working – Inclusive Teams

Sample talk

Gender Diversity Consultant

Create smoothly functioning teams, in which people contribute from their strengths.

This short session will give your team(s) surprising insights and practical tips on working effectively with the other gender and create inclusive teams.

You will get new ways to name those invisible, intangible things that are happening between men/women and that can be so frustrating.

This is not about diversity; it’s about being a good colleague, leveraging the whole team capabilities, and creating a Gender Smart Team.


The talk will cover

  • Insights from the latest bio-psychological and brain research in gender difference in the workplace
  • The importance of flexing style and keeping into account gender difference when working with men and women
  • Real-life stories and Case Examples from top sports coaches, women and men


Participants will take away

  • Insights from neuroscience and biopsychology on how men and women differ in the workplace
  • Means to engage, and interact better as a team and have more fun
  • Practical insights and tips to leverage working in a mixed gender team, avoid common misunderstandings and learn from each other.

Best suitable for: mixed gender audiences, mixed gender teams, managers and team leaders of mixed gender teams


Inge ran a one-day Gender Smart workshop for us which was very successful. She did a good job not only of explaining the typical differences about how men and women think, but also to explain how the behaviours are seen in a business environment. I was particularly impressed with Inge’s willingness to listen to my brief and respond will a well-tailored, targeted course which hit the right points for our organisation.

As a result of the day, our team felt energised with new techniques on subjects such as giving feedback and running good meetings. Not only are we now in a better position to make the best of all our people, but we have also learned valuable improvements to the way we work together irrespective of whether the team consists of men or women.

Keith Turner, Director at Springboard