Gender Smart Leadership – Inclusive Leadership Skills

Inclusive LeadershipIdeal if you are looking to build inclusive leadership skills or are looking to engage men in the Gender Diversity and Inclusion agenda.

A thought provoking talk, that changes perspectives on successfully leading  mixed female/male teams.

The talk will cover

  • Insights from the latest bio-psychological and brain research in gender difference in the workplace
  • The importance of flexing leadership style to motivate, inspire and engage both men and women
  • Real-life stories and Case Examples from top sports coaches and senior managers

Inclusive Leadership Skills Team Leaders and Managers will take away

  • A deeper understanding and appreciation of the differing needs of men and women in the workplace.
  • New ideas on maximising performance in mixed gender teams
  • Leadership strategies, directly applicable in everyday management practice

As a result managers will be enabled to better motivate, retain and empower female staff.

Best suitable for: team leaders, middle managers, senior managers and executives, male and female.

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