Be Gender Smart -The Key to Career Success for Women

Sample Talk

Career Success for Women, Women Leadership Programmes, Speaker for Women, Gender Diversity, Gender Diffference, Mentoring for WomenAs a speaker for women Inge powerfully illustrates that women are different from men, but they can achieve the same results. Women are not un-business like, they just do things their own way. She inspires women to speak up about what they see, think and feel. Not because the world needs to be saved from men, but because we need both the male and female perspective.

Women’s perceptions are unique and we need just that in our organisations and our society. Inge’s view as a a speaker for women is refreshingly balanced about difference: it is to be expected, how to harness it is the art.

The talk will cover

  • Insights from the latest bio-psychological and brain research in gender difference in the workplace
  • Key differences in working between men and women
  • How these differences tend to add business value
  • Real life stories and Case Examples from other professional women

Women will take away

  • Understanding that they don’t have to adapt to a world of business designed for men, they can just carve out their own path and still be successful
  • Increased confidence and self belief to speak up about what they see, think and feel
  • New ideas and strategies on how they can make the most of gender differences in their career

Best suitable for: professional working women, women leaders, women’s networks, executive coaches and tutors that work with women.

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