Women in Leadership Executive Education

Expertise in Diversity Programme Design

Inge Woudstra designs and delivers Diversity Training, Workshops and Development Programmes. She has extensive expertise in gender difference and women’s careers and builds on many years of experience as a qualified facilitator and tutor.

W2O Approach for Diversity Training for Women, Managers and Organisations

Diversity Training Programmes and Workshops are carefully tailored to the occasion to ensure they bring real value to the participants and their organisation. They can be embedded in a conference, event, leadership programme or diversity initiative and can be especially designed to fit and enhance the message of the overall programme.

We often design hybrid programmes that include webinars, online training, face-to-face training, lunch bites, panel discussions and coaching groups.

W2O Consulting & Training ensures best practices and latest expertise are included, as we draw on a wide network of experts to bring in as guest-speakers on specialist topics including: sponsorship, women’s leadership, flexible working, career coaching, maternity coaching, childcare, parenting and career change.

All diversity programmes are designed to be highly interactive and inspiring. Vivid examples, the latest brain research, passion, fun exercises and powerful personal stories are part of the mix.

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