Speaking – Speaker for Women – Gender Difference

Inspirational Speaker for Women (and Men)

Inge is regularly invited as a speaker for women’s networking events, gender diversity conferences, and for women’s leadership programmes and to deliver webinars or virtual talks. She delivers thought-provoking ideas and practical insights to audiences of women, mixed gender and men. Inge’s talks are lively and inclusive and are based on the latest scientific research in gender difference.

As a speaker for women Inge delivers with passion because she truly believes in creating positive change for organisations by developing a Gender Smart approach. Inge uses real examples and powerful personal experiences to make the topic not only engaging for the audience, but also inspiring and thought-provoking.

Gender Diversity; Gender Difference; Speaker for Women; women's Networks

Gender Diversity Speaker; Women's Networks; Gender Difference

Gender Diversity Speaker; women's networks; gender difference



W2O Approach

Talks, virtual talks and webinars are carefully tailored to the occasion to ensure they bring real value to the audience. When embedded in a conference, event, leadership or gender diversity programme a talk will be especially designed to fit and enhance the message of the overall programme.

Inge’s talks, virtual talks and webinars are highly interactive, with personal stories, statistics, discussion, fresh ideas and insights and some truly practical actions.

Inge’s talks are ideal if you are looking to

  • Engage men, leaders and women
  • Inspire effective new steps towards gender balance
  • Change mind sets
  • Increase gender awareness
  • Boost women’s confidence
  • Leverage talent
  • Build mutual respect


W2O Talk Topics

10 min – 1 hour talk, virtual talk or webinar which can be as interactive as you like, or can be extended to a 2-3 hour workshop or virtual workshop. Inge is highly skilled in class room work, virtual delivery, as well as working with large groups (40-300 people). She is an experienced panel moderator.


Previous speaking engagements include

    • EDF Luminus, Belgium, Gender Smart Leadership, for senior managers
    • PDO Oman, Keynote speech ‘Be Gender Smart’ for 200 Omani women, Middle East
    • OECD, Gender Balance in the UAE 2-day training programme of HR and government officials, Middle East
    • CFA Institute, International Women’s Day Speech, Gender Smart Organisations
    • Empiric recruitment Cambridge, Recruiting for Diversity
    • Large Multinational in Health Industry, Keynote Speech on Gender Smart Working for 500 sales staff
    • JUMP Forum, Recruit, Retrain, Retain – Creative Practices to Get Women into Digital Jobs
    • WISE Conference, ‘Our Skills, Our Future’, Panel moderation and Sourcing of Speakers
    • Masterclass, Setsquare Incubator, ‘Maximising your Potential by Thinking Gender Smart..or, are you missing out on 50% of your potential market?
    • Diversity in Project Management Conference, IPMA and CKC, Keynote speaker ‘Gender Smart Project Management’, The Netherland