Gender Pay Gap Action Plan – Architecture firm

Gender Pay Gap Action PlanIssue: Women don’t move up at the same rate as men, even though in the past, when the firm was smaller they did. Yet they are keen for all talent to flourish.

Question: Find out what the barriers are for women and advise us on how to take those barriers away.

What we did: we did exit interviews and ran a series of focus groups with male and female staff. Based on the results we advised to design more transparency in the progression process, improve the mentoring programme and add Gender Smart behaviour as a module to the leadership training programme.

Result: more awareness on (gender) diversity issues, clearer progression processes and further actions being implemented


Recruiting and Retaining Women in Engineering – Engineering Consultancy Fir

Recruiting and Retaining Women in EngineeringIssue: The client had only ever had one female engineer and she left. They are not receiving CVs from women. Yet, the management team aims to be a great place to work, and attract the best talent. Some of the staff have mentioned they would prefer a more diverse team to work in just like at university.

Question: How can we do better and attract women, and once they are hired ensure we retain them.

What we did: We ran a 1 day all-staff workshop in which we created awareness for gender differences and how to handle them in teams. On the same day the team worked with our input in 3 groups to redesign the recruitment & selection, progression & development and working methods to ensure both male and female preferences are now taking into account.

Result: the actions that were implemented lead to a significant increase in CVs of women received, and women hired. The women hired have been a valuable addition to the team.


Engaging Men in Gender Diversity – Health Industry

Engaging Men in Gender DiversityIssue: The client had introduced a women’s network across the EMEA region. However, there had been some negative responses from both women and men about women-only initiatives.

Question: How can we engage all staff in gender diversity, and show them that for us gender is a business issue?

What we did: We designed a session on diversity for the annual sales conference, which included a number of talks and a panel discussion with the CEO, senior women and a (male) key client.

Result: The session was well received, created awareness for the priority of  the topic and stimulated lively debate. It is now followed up with training programmes for leaders, and local events for staff.


Gender Inclusive Leadership Training – Health Industry

Gender Inclusive Leadership Training

Issue: Women aren’t moving up at the same rate as men. However, at the bottom of the organisation we have 80% women.

Question: How can we motivate women to move up?

What we did: a 1/2 day Gender Smart leadership course for men and women

Result: Leaders are aware of gender differences, and how best to leverage diverse talent in their team,and encourage them to move up. A  new approach and language to engage with those of the opposite gender in the team, which is already leading to new conversations and increased team engagement.


Women’s Leadership Training – Private Investment Bank

Women Leadership Programme

Issue: Women aren’t  stepping up into top leadership roles.

Question: Can you deliver part of our women leadership programme, with a focus on allowing women to be their authentic self in senior positions, so we can harness diversity. Can you also help them take on the role of sponsors or mentors of younger women.

What we did: 1/2 day programme Gender Smart Women.

Result: top women are aware to what extend they do bring new insights and working styles into the top of the company. They know how to speak up about it, and are aware of ways they can help other women.