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We offer inclusive recruitment training, inclusive hiring workshops, and inspirational talks to help technology and engineering firms change their atttaction and recruitment processes so that each organisation truly reaches the widest pool of suitable applicants.

How to Recruit Women in Engineering and Tech

Watch the below video to learn five clear and practical ways to help you improve your organisation’s attraction and recruitment process so that it appeals to both men and women.

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  • Recruiting for Diversity
  • Creative Ways to Recruit Women in Tech & Engineering

Inge Woudstra public speaker


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Workshop: Inclusive Recruitment - Attracting the best talent

Ensure you are recruiting the best talent available with this interactive workshop designed for HR and Recruitment Teams.

Inclusive Recruitment Workshop

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Workshop: Inclusive Hiring & Selection for HR & D&I Practioners

Do you suspect your hiring process favours men over women? This workshop will help you bring out the best in all candidates.

Inge Woudstra of W2O Consulting and Training - gender smart leadership

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Case Study

Case study: Recruiting and Retaining Women in Engineering – Engineering Consultancy Firm

Recruiting and Retaining Women in Engineering

Issue: The client had only ever had one female engineer and she left. They are not receiving CVs from women. Yet, the management team aims to be a great place to work and attract the best talent. In addition, some of the staff have mentioned they would prefer a more diverse team to work in just like at university.

Question: How can we do better and attract women, and once they are hired ensure we retain them?

What we did: We ran a one day all-staff workshop in which we created awareness for gender differences and how to handle them in teams. On the same day the team worked with our input in three groups to redesign the recruitment and selection, progression and development and working methods to ensure both male and female preferences are now taking into account.

Result: the actions that were implemented lead to a significant increase in CVs of women received, and women hired. The women hired have been a valuable addition to the team.


Video: How can tech companies attract female talent


Inge ran a one-day Gender Smart workshop for us which was very successful. She did a good job not only of explaining the typical differences about how men and women think, but also to explain how the behaviours are seen in a business environment. I was particularly impressed with Inge’s willingness to listen to my brief and respond will a well-tailored, targeted course which hit the right points for our organisation.

As a result of the day, our team felt energised with new techniques on subjects such as giving feedback and running good meetings. Not only are we now in a better position to make the best of all our people, but we have also learned valuable improvements to the way we work together irrespective of whether the team consists of men or women.

Keith Turner

Director, Springboard Pro

Very privileged to have secured Inge’s time and wisdom for our Balance For Better event at Reply. Inge has unparalleled experience in regard to unpicking issues regarding gender diversity in the workplace, but most importantly, lots of ideas for how to make progress even in a sector such as tech, which is the 4th least gender diverse industry.

Aakanksha Mishra

Digital Engagement Manager
April 2, 2019, Aakanksha was a client of Inge’s

Inge was a speaker at our event ‘The miX Factor: ensuring diversity when scaling your business’. The talk and presentation were both highly engaging, and the audience really enjoyed the interactive section. I encourage you to contact Inge if hosting an event surrounding diversity.

Rebecca Mister

Empiric – Recruitment Manager – Next Tech Girls Cambridge Representative
October 8, 2018, Rebecca was a client of Inge’s

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