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Do you want to be a best in class Diversity & Inclusion practitioner?

The Big Fish D&I Academy is the one place where you can get live diversity training and expert advice aimed at practitioners. W2O Consulting & Training is partnering with Voice At The Table to offer you a comprehensive package of D&I training, webinars and FREE expert interviews so you can have real impact on Diversity & Inclusion.

The Big Fish Academy logo - Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion Talent

The Big Fish Academy logo - Nurturing Diversity and Inclusion Talent


My D&I agenda for 2021

Trends and new topics that have impacted the D&I agenda in 2020 and showing you how to incorporate them into existing or new strategy for 2021.

  • VIRTUAL TRAINING (2x90minute sessions): 12th & 13th November, 11:30-13:00 each day

Expert Interviews - LIVE virtual interviews with Q&A

30th JANUARY 12.30-13.30

What’s new in Diversity & Inclusion

Join us and find out about the latest trends and insights in Diversity & Inclusion.  What has changed in 2019?  What will 2020 bring?


27th FEBRUARY 12.30-13.30

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Find out what others are doing to close the gender pay gap.  Hear what works and review and update your own action plan.


26th MARCH 12.30-13.30

Age Diversity: Bridging the Generations in the Workplace

Join us to get inspiration on what you can do to bridge the generational divides within you organisation and to find out morw on what companies are doing to make the most of the inter-generational workforce.


30th APRIL 12:30-13:30

Working with Neurodiverse Colleagues

Educate yourself on neurodiversity and get the right approach in place to support a wide range of neurodiverse people within your organisations.

To find out more about this session CLICK HERE.  To join us on the 30th April you can BOOK HERE.


21st MAY 12:30-13:30

The Future of Working Flexibly

Get new ideas on how you can successfully implement flexible, smart and agile working in your workplace.

CLICK HERE for more information on this event.  BOOK HERE to join us on the 21st May.


25th JUNE 12:30-13:30

Advancing Women to Senior Levels

Getting to 50/50.  At this session, we’ll discuss new ideas as well what works (and what doesn’t) to achieve gender balance at the top.

You can find out more about this event HERE.  Want to join us then BOOK HERE.


23rd JULY 12:30-13:30

Disability at Work: What You Need to Know – with Paul Deemer, Head of D&I at the UK NHS Employers Organisation

Hear what the NHS is doing to break the taboo of talking about disability and ensure they are more inclusive for staff with a disability.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this event.  BOOK HERE to join us on the 23rd July.


23rd SEPTEMBER 12:30- 13:30

Collecting Data for Diversity: Getting People to Declare

Get the latest insights and proven techniques for collecting good diversity data on your workforce.

Find out more about this interview HERE.  To join us on the 23rd September BOOK HERE.


28th OCTOBER 12:30-13:30

Staff Networks: Do we still need them?

Are your staff networks still fit for purpose? Join us to find out more about the future of staff networks.

CLICK HERE to find out more. BOOK HERE to join us on the 28th October.


26th NOVEMBER 12:30-13:30

Understanding Modern Masculinity

Join us for this interview for a glance at how men’s values have changed over time.  Find out how you might adapt your D&I initiatives.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this event.  BOOK HERE to join us on the 26th November.


10th DECEMBER 12:30-13:30

Breaking Barriers for Ethnic Minorities in the Workplace

Join us to get inspiration from the actions of others, and learn from the impact that they have achieved.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this interview.  BOOK HERE to join us on the 10th December.


Programme (Jan to Dec)Aquarium BundleReef BundleOcean Bundle
Online ResourcesYYY
Expert InterviewsYYY
Training Sessions237
Consulting Sessions--4
Price per Person (excl. VAT)£490 (value over £925)£750 (value over £1410)£1995 (value over £3630)


Individual Session Fees (per person, exclusive of VAT)

  • Webinar – £45
  • Training session – £350
  • Individual Consulting session – £250


Gender Smart Talk: Expert Interview Karina Govindji, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion: How Vodafone got to 30% women in senior leadership roles, worldwide.

Gender Smart Talk: Best initiatives for Women in Tech & Engineering

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This book so resonates with me’ – Helena Morrissey
‘Thought Leadership on Gender Balance’ – Vanessa Vallely
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