Best Practice Events on Gender Diversity & Inclusion

A group of women attending Best Practice Events

Do you want to:

  • Learn what’s new from other professionals in Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion?
  • Build strong connections with people in D&I in an informal setting?
  • Feel supported and understood in your role?
  • Renew your inspiration and motivation to continue your work for more gender balance?

Then do join us at the ‘Gender Smart Talk’ Events. These events started because I love to bring people together that I feel really need to meet each other. I was keen to learn from them, and keen that we all learn from each other. The events still serve that same purpose. And they are achieving their aim, people love coming, sharing their experiences and building new connections.

What people say about Gender Smart Talk

“I enjoy hearing experiences from others and what works well and hasn’t worked. When I go home I am buzzing with energy and new innovative and creative ideas. “

“I love learning what other organisations are doing. It’s great you can ask questions freely and share personal experiences. People are really open, which works well, so you also hear different points of view and get feed back on your own initiatives.”

“The events give me such inspiration for change! It is really good to learn about the barriers and challenges. They are great for networking too as you really get to know what people do. “

Who it is for?

Professionals in Gender Diversity, Gender Equality, Gender Balance and Inclusion. HR Managers, Directors keen to improve gender balance, and anyone keen to learn from others on how to create gender balance.


  • 30 min informal chat
  • 15 min each participant introduces themselves
  • 45 min facilitated discussion on the topic

The number of participants at Live Events is limited to 24. That way everyone can share their insights, questions and ideas and we really get to know each other.

These events are for charity

I feel strongly about building a better world for women. That’s one of the reasons I work in this field. I do my bit, and I bet you do yours to help build a better world. Most of us though are incredibly privileged. I work with organisations as that’s where my experience is, and where I can feel I can help most.

However I really do care about less privileged women too, and wholeheartedly support anyone working with women. That’s why I will donate your complete ticket price to HERA – a women’s charity.

HERA (Her Equality Rights and Autonomy) is all about creating a new life for women that have been victim of human trafficking. HERA mobilizes business and academic expertise, creativity, and resources to prevent and redress the £115 billion/annum business of human trafficking and re-trafficking. They help women survivors of trafficking, conflict, and other forms of violence and young women vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation pursue their aspirations and ambitions for a better life. Since its creation, they have trained over 500 women and helped create more than 200 jobs across Europe.

Upcoming Best Practice Live Events

Gender Diversity Initiatives that actually work
  • Getting started with D&I, Tuesday 5 Nov 2019, 12.30 – 2.00 pm, Central London

    – You – or your senior management – has identified gender balance needs to be improved. But where do you start? What do you need to do first? What follows next? How do you find out what the most effective programme is for you? Where does it sit in the organisation, who should be involved and who should be responsible and accountable? Join us and share where you started and what you would do differently if you had to do it again.

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Upcoming Free Best Practice Events Online

male and female firefighters
  • Achieving Diversity Aims at Greater Manchester Police and Fire & Rescue Service – Interview and Q&A with Colin Barnes, Thursday 26 September, 1.30 – 2.30

    – Over the past  years Colin Barnes has worked tirelessly to achieve better diversity, first in addition to his role as a PCO at Greater Manchester Police and over the last 2 years full time at Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service. His motivation: it works, “I have seen that on the beat the only way to get real results is by having people in the team who are representative of the people in the neighbourhood”. Over time he has figured out what works to recruit, select and then integrate more diverse groups and is keen to share his learnings. Key ingredients of his approach are: connect with the target group and involve senior leaders.

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co-workers in tech team
  • Best initiatives for women in tech & engineering,Tuesday 15 Oct 1.30 – 2.30 pm

    I know that over the last couple of years lots of initiatives have been started to get more women into tech and engineering. Wouldn’t you love to know what they are, and which ones are working? I would! So come and share what you know, and hear from others what they have seen or tried. Perhaps you can even bring a list of your favourite ones. It could be anything, ranging from awards to returnships to girls in primary school. Join to share your experience and learn from others.

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