Maternity Workshops

Career Success for Women, Women Leadership Programmes, Speaker for Women, Gender Diversity, Gender Diffference, Mentoring for WomenBecoming a parent is life-changing, and especially for women, it tends to create a powerful priority outside of work. This programme of three workshops of half a day each gives women support at work throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

The programme of Maternity Workshops is specifically designed to support women throughout this life-changing experience, and helps keep the focus on work as well as home. It is proven that support like this from the employer is a powerful way to keep women engaged with their work and help them progress.

Day 1– Pregnant and Working – 12-36 weeks pregnant

Programme Outline

  • Prepare the Handover
  • Set themselves up for Success
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities around Maternity Leave
  • Plan their Maternity Leave

Benefits for Participants

  • Firmly focusses mind set on business perspective
  • Clearly communicates rights and responsibilities along a clear timeline
  • Gives tools for managing expectations
  • Gives tools and templates for effectively planning handover
  • Creates a friendly support group
  • Helps participants feel respected and supported by their company


Day 2 – Returning with Confidence – 2-24 weeks before return

Day 2 – Programme Outline

  • Prepare themselves
  • Prepare their Child, Home and Support
  • Create a Flying Start
  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities around Returning and Flexible Working

Day 2 – Benefits for Participants

  • Creates a shift in focus from baby to work
  • Clearly communicates options, rights and responsibilities about returning to work and flexible working
  • Gives strategies and tips for regaining confidence, skills and information
  • Gives strategies and tips for childcare and support at home
  • Helps participants get organised for their return and feel in control


Day 3 –From Surviving to Thriving – 2-12 weeks after return

Day 3 – Programme Outline

  • Work Life Balance
  • Making it Work
  • Working Flexibly
  • Regaining Career Direction

Day 3 – Benefits for participants

  • Firmly focusses mind set on career goals
  • Gives strategies and tips for stepping up the pace and career progress
  • Gives strategies, and practical ideas for managing guilt, time, and self
  • Helps participants feel confident and career focussed

Participants about the programme

“I gained a lot of confidence and focus. I am not sure if I would have returned if it wasn’t for these workshops.”

“I realised I am not the only person to feel the way I do.”

“Listening to other people made me start to clarify my own position and feelings about my position as a mum returning to work.”

“I really liked the variety of input, it helped me think about my own situation in new ways.”

“Especially the practical information was very helpful.”

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