Navigating Career and Family

Parents often feel their life isn’t working, either for their career, employer or family.

They miss work-life balance. Using a combination of research, real examples of what has worked for other women and interactive exercises, Inge shows ways to improve work-life balance. A key feature is the opportunity for participants to share and learn with other working parents, thus solving issues and learn about organisational support available.

Participants will learn

  • Six key strategies for combining work and family
  • To cope with key issues of working parents, including: grief guilt, lack of confidence and support at home
  • To set priorities and take control

Benefits for Participants

  • Clarity on Work-Life Choices
  • Resilience for future Work-Life clashes
  • Increased energy and commitment to chosen Work-Life role

Benefits for Organisations

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased retention of parents
  • Increased productivity of parents

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Recommendations for Navigating Career & Family

“It was a pleasure to partner with Inge Woudstra both at the planning stages and at the event itself. Inge was instrumental in designing the questions posed to the participants. The lunch was a resounding success and received universally positive feedback overall. The questions Inge created really struck a chord with many of the participants and her style of moderating was lively and engaging, providing practical tips and coping strategies and delivering these with a sense of humour and great passion.”

Alex Underwood, Parents Network, Societe Generale

“Inge is a very professional parenting adviser & attending a workshop in our workplace lead by her was very beneficial.”

Stephanie Lee, Corporate Recruiter, Parents Nework, Intel Europe

“A very well-targeted event with great and approachable speakers. I gained a lot of confidence and focus.”

“It was a fantastic event! I realised I am not the only person to feel the way I do.”

“Listening to other people made me start to clarify my own position and feelings about my position as a mum returning to work.”