Large Gender Awareness Events

Perhaps you have been running a number of initiatives on gender difference over the years, and gender has drifted off the agenda. People think gender diversity may be ‘done’, and are wondering whether it is really needed. Attention is now directed elsewhere.

Or, perhaps you are looking for a way to kick-start a new initiative, or involve a larger part of the organisation in creating gender balance.

W2O offers a quick, high impact way to get gender back on the agenda, raise gender awareness and create readiness for action.

What you get

Gender awareness

  • Increased gender awareness
  • Engaged leaders, women and men
  • Shift in mindset
  • Commitment to action on gender balance


What we do

gender awareness

  • Inspiring, interactive key note
  • Chair or take part in a panel discussion
  • Encourage group discussion
  • Cafe-style dialogue or facilitate table discussions
  • Include decision-makers of your company at key points in the programme



Case study: gender awareness

A large oil company in Belgium was keen to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the women’s network. At the same time they were keen to take the next step: actively involve more (senior) managers in diversity, engage men, and increase commitments to results for gender diversity.

In partnership with the organisation we created a large scale lunch event, organised by the women’s network. It was kicked off by a short in-house video making unconscious bias visible, followed by an inspiring speech on Gender Smart organisations. Next topics were given for table discussion. Then the chair of the network presented results achieved for women over the past 5 years by the network.

Next senior managers (3 men and 1 woman) publicly shared their own take on the business case for gender diversity in their remit during a panel discussion. On stage they announced their commitments for the next year. The day was closed by the diversity champion (senior exec. level).

One third of the audience were men. As a result of the event commitments were renewed, the women’s network gained a lot of exposure in the organisation, and men in attendance were pleasantly surprised by the insight that women’s unique talents can be leveraged, and better gender balance can bring benefits to their teams.