Gender Inititiave for both Men and Women

Women are leaving organisations prematurely. To retain and unlock female talent, leaders of the 21st century need to become gender intelligent and adapt to what women and men need.

Don’t fix the women, train your leaders

Recent research by the 30% club, KPMG and YSC, and McKinsey finds that organisations wishing to build the female talent pipeline need to focus initiatives on ‘fixing the organisation’ rather than more initiatives aimed at ‘fixing the women’.

This makes sense, after all, nearly 50% of the workforce is now female, adapting to what they need seems only sensible.

However, current reports only set out high-level strategies and point out the right direction. In addition there is lots of talk of being more inclusive. What is missing though is what leaders actually need to do day-to-day to help their team perform better.

W₂O is now conducting action-research to fill this gap. The research will give leaders a practical toolkit to guide leaders in engaging, motivating and inspiring their team in a gender intelligent way.

Innovative approach – drawing on top sports coaches experience of getting results from women and men

New, practical ways of managing gender intelligently will be drawn from techniques that top sports coaches use. There’s no space for political correctness in sports, results count, and there’s often weekly feed-back on results. That’s how sports coaches know which approaches work better for men and which work better for women.

The research will combine what we know from sports coaches with what we know from the latest academic brain, psychological and gender research to create a robust approach of managing gender intelligently.

how to engage men in gender diversity
De-bias your Advancement Process

Apply new approach in pilot workshops with line managers

The newly found ways of managing gender intelligently will be applied in pilot-workshops with line managers.

Results of this innovative approach will be measured by a 360 survey and interviews, giving you direct feed-back of ROI.

Do you want to know what leaders need to do to get the most out of men and women?

There is still space for a few forward-looking organisations to join in our research. It just requires your organisation to run 1 or more pilot workshops for a select group of line managers.

Join and run pilot-workshops for your male and female managers

The workshop will give participants new, more gender intelligent ways of approaching men and women, and you should be able to see the results in your teams quickly.

If you prefer a taster-workshop first, let’s discuss!

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