The Black Lives Matter Movement has placed race diversity in the front of our minds. Gender seems to contrast positively. Indeed we have come a long way on gender balance in the last 100 years. However, we are nowhere near done with working towards gender balance. Yes, there are women in every walk of life, and there are women at the top as well. But still, this is the most read article on my website: The #1 Tip for Women on How to Blow your own Trumpet.

Now you have to know that most articles on my website are written for organisations keen to drive gender balance. There are tips on how to change processes and culture to recruit more women and tips on process changes to advance women. There are only a few articles aimed at women. Why? Because I believe it is not women that need to change, but organisations. Managers need to become aware of how they can get the most out of women. Reward systems need to reward those things that are important to women, and promotion and development processes need to be fair for women too.

The fact that women in 2020 are still searching for help on how they can be more visible, tells me that women are still expected to behave like men to get ahead. Of course, some organisations are getting it right, and those that are, do see the results.

Are you keen to know what you can do to make sure you make the right changes in your organisation to level the playing field for women?

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Author: Inge Woudstra

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